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Belllagio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
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Las Vegas Spa - Bellagio Spa - Facial Care

Las Vegas Spa - Facial Care

Bellisimo Viso (Beautiful Face)

Let us reveal your “beautiful face” with this sumptuous facial designed to soften and relax stressed skin. Potent serums deliver a Botox-like action to visibly lift, smooth and nourish your skin, leaving it fresh and luminous.

50-minute session      Sun-Thu $190 | Fri & Sat $200

Ultima Bellezza (Ultimate Beauty)

Completely indulge yourself in our most luscious facial leaving absolutely nothing out. We prepare your skin with a peel to smooth and refine. Potent serums firm and lift while a glorious skin mask restores vitality and tones for a lifting, firming and hydrating experience. During this ultimate relaxation journey, the eyes, lips, hands, and décolleté receive extra special attention.

80-minute session       Sun-Thu $325 | Fri & Sat $335

Bellagio Signature Facial

Our Aestheticians customize this facial to fit your skin's needs. We nourish your skin with marine elements to firm, hydrate and lift, leaving your skin refreshed, smoothed and softened. A gentle peel may be added to this facial for superior results.

50-minute session      Sun-Thu $175 | Fri & Sat $185

3 Dimensional Wrinkle Facial Treatment

This is a luxurious and relaxing facial treatment designed to pamper your skin with Science’s most amazing, targeted regenerating ingredients. It restores and maintains optimum moisture levels for a truly extraordinary result. A specific anti-wrinkle massage is performed with a wrinkle relaxing Serum for a “Botox-like” effect on expression lines around the eyes and forehead. To address deeper lines around the mouth and on the cheeks, a wrinkle filling serum is applied for a plumping effect that mimics injectable fillers. Finally a firming, cooling mask is applied to lift and tone the skin as a mini-lift would. Complexion rejuvenation merges with targeted high-tech skin therapies for totally renewed, timeless skin.

50-minute session      Sun-Thu $250 | Fri & Sat $260

Essential Balancing Facial

A basic facial that deep cleans and balances the skin according to skin type, leaving the skin refreshed and hydrated.

50-minute session      Sun-Thu $150 | Fri & Sat $160

Recover and Restore Facial

Focus on increasing skin's natural defenses by soothing and restoring the skin's equilibrium. Recover from element damage caused by excessive sun, wind and cold exposure with rich anti-oxidant nutrients to leave the skin soft, repaired and protected.

50-minute session      Sun-Thu $160 | Fri & Sat $170

Brilliance Revealed Facial

Reveal a brighter complexion with this illuminating and oxygenating treatment with the use of beta hydroxy acids to whiten and lighten the skin. This is the perfect treatment to effectively contrast hyperpigmentation and promote brilliant skin.

50-minute session      Sun-Thu $175 | Fri & Sat $185

The Cosmeceutical

Problems with acne and aging? This advanced multivitamin treatment conquers it all by utilizing vitamins A, C and E along with provitamin A. Skin becomes clearer, smoother and brighter while incorporating the most advanced alpha hydroxy acid technology available on the market today to deliver an intensive yet relaxing treatment.

50-minute session      Sun-Thu $185 | Fri & Sat $195

The Superceutical

This medically inspired facial treatment utilizes the super-charged idebenone anti-oxidant to visibly improve the signs of aging, ideal for the clinical-savvy client who has experienced and incorporated medical-grade treatments. Reveal a radiant glow, lighten hyperpigmentation, even out skin tone, and abolish lines in this powerful results-driven treatment. Avoid heat and sun exposure before and after treatment.

50-minute session       Sun-Thu $195 | Fri & Sat $205

Men's Classic Facial

This facial is the classic treatment for any man's skin. It purifies, balances and hydrates the skin with rich anti-free radical agents contrasting the signs of depleted skin, leaving it transformed.

50-minute session      Sun-Thu $160 | Fri & Sat $170

Men's Age Defying Facial

For the discriminating gentleman who is concerned about the effects of aging, this facial is designed to repair mature, dry or damaged skin. It visibly reduces lines and smoothes skin texture. A potent antioxidant cocktail restores skin's structure, leaving the skin hydrated and firm.

50-minute session      Sun-Thu $175 | Fri & Sat $185

Instant Refresher Facial

This facial includes a cleansing, gentle exfoliation and relaxing massage of the face and neck followed by facial moisturizer and sunscreen to complete the treatment. This treatment is the perfect addition to any body treatment for a refreshed complexion.

20-minute session      Sun-Thu $85 | Fri & Sat $85

Express Renewal Treatment

Short on time, but not in benefits, this intensive alpha hydroxy mini peel rapidly improves skin's appearance and texture while diminishing fine lines and uneven skin tone.

20-minute session      Sun-Thu $90 | Fri & Sat $90

Essential Back Facial

Perfect for anyone in search of a little extra attention to the much neglected skin of the back. Deep clean, exfoliate and hydrate to reveal smoother, softer and clearer skin.

20-minute session      Sun-Thu $85 | Fri & Sat $85

Ultimate Hydrafacial

The Ultimate Hydrafacial is a magnificent experience in advanced skincare technology for skin resurfacing, anti-aging and acne-prone and oily skin. The Hydrafacial experience deeply cleanses skin, effectively removes dead skin cells and painlessly extracts impurities from the pores while simultaneously hydrating the skin with multi-action serums in a cooling moisture-infused treatment for a renewed complexion.

20-minute session       Sun-Thu $125 | Fri & Sat $125
50-minute session       Sun-Thu $285 | Fri & Sat $285
80-minute session       Sun-Thu $350 | Fri & Sat $350

Las Vegas Spa - Bellagio Spa - Facial Care

Las Vegas Spa - Facial Care Ehnhancements

Anti-Aging Hand Treatment

This age-defying treatment for hands and arms begins with a rejuvenating exfoliation using alpha hydroxy acids and fruit extracts. A luxurious firming anti-oxidant mask renders the skin exceptionally smooth. Finish with a softening hand cream.


Eye Treatment

Firm and hydrate the delicate eye area while reducing puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and irritation. The eye treatment is a soothing and relaxing addition to any facial or body treatment.


Lip Treatment

Combat fine lines and roughness around the lip and lip contour with a moisture-plumping and smoothing treatment. This is a great addition to any facial or body treatment.


Décolleté Treatment

This nourishing treatment greatly improves tone and elasticity while smoothing lines and hydrating the delicate skin of the neck and chest.


Gentle Alpha Hydroxy Acid Peel

When you need just a little something extra to boost your skin's texture and appearance, this most gentle of exfoliating peels is the perfect addition to enhance facial results. Great with the Essential Back Facial, Essential Balancing Facial or Bellagio Signature Facial.


Soothing Leg and Foot Enhancement

This soothing restorative leg and foot treatment offers immediate and long-lasting freshness for fatigued legs and feet.
Note: Safe for pregnancy.


Services and prices are subject to change.

  • Hours of Operation:
    Open daily 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
  • Reservations:
    Spa Bellagio takes reservations three months in advance.
    We suggest you make your reservations as far in advance as possible due to limitations on select appointments.
  • Call 702.693.7472 for reservations.
  • Groups or Large Parties
    Contact our Spa and Salon Group Coordinator Sarah Perrings to discuss planning ideas and arrangements for groups of 10 or more guests.
  • Spa Use and Admission
    Spa services are available to guests age 18 and older. There are specific treatments offered in the Salon for those younger.

Facial Skin Guide

Oily/Problem Skin
Essential Balancing Facial, The Cosmeceutical, Men's Classic Facial, Essential Back Facial, Ultimate Hydrafacial

Bellisimo Viso, Ultima Bellezza, Bellagio Signature Facial, Stone Facial, Recover and Restore Facial, The Cosmeceutical, The Superceutical, Men's Age Defying Facial, Ultimate Hydrafacial, Stone Face and Body Treatment

Sensitive Skin
Bellagio Signature Facial, Recover and Restore Facial, Skin Sensitive Defense Facial

Dry Skin
Bellisimo Viso, Ultima Bellezza, Bellagio Signature Facial, Stone Facial, The Superceutical, Men's Age Defying Facial

Combination Skin
Bellisimo Viso, Ultima Bellezza, Essential Balancing Facial, The Cosmeceutical, Men's Classic Facial, Essential Back Facial

All Skin Types
Brilliance Revealed Facial, Instant Refresher Facial, Express Renewal Treatment, Special Request Facial, Harmonizing Skin Trio, Head-to-Toe Face and Body Treatments, Total Refresher

Your therapist will analyze your skin type and provide any additional recommendations to enhance your skin type.

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