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Belllagio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
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Las Vegas Spa - Bellagio Spa Body Care

Las Vegas Spa -Face & Body Treatments

Step inside our ever so inviting Spa and breathe. Within, a bliss-inspiring, comprehensive selection of therapeutic facial and body care treatments, and an invigorating exercise facility will elate your senses. Soothe the mind and awaken the spirit in Las Vegas.

3D Face and Body Treatment

Pamper yourself with this luxurious and relaxing facial designed to pamper your skin with Science’s most amazing, targeted regenerating ingredients. Refine and rejuvenate skin cells to reveal youth and vitality for glowing skin. The body can also experience the same regenerating process as the face, with this full body treatment. The body is gently exfoliated to improve smoothness, tone, and texture and an anti-aging body cream is layered onto the skin for a silky, dewy finish.

80-minute session      $400

Head-to-Toe Face and Body Treatments

It’s your choice! Choose the face and body treatment best suited for your skin’s needs, or let us make the selection for you. One 50-minute facial and one 50-minute body treatment combined into one thoroughly relaxing spa treatment. Stone Facial and Ultimate Hydrafacial excluded.

80-minute session      Sun-Thu $325 | Fri & Sat $325

Advanced Anti-Aging Face and Body Treatment

A superior exfoliating and skin boosting treatment for the face and body that promotes a more youthful and radiant appearance. Ideal for all skin types.

50-minute session      Sun-Thu $170 | Fri & Sat $180

Las Vegas Spa - Bellagio Spa Body Bronzing

Las Vegas Spa - Body Bronzing

The safer alternative for a rich golden tan is virtually sprayed on. This healthy glow continues to develop and will last for days. The 50-minute version of the session also includes a full body exfoliation to help the tan look smooth and last longer. Shaving and showering not recommended for eight hours after the treatment to allow for tan to fully develop.

Available for both male and female
Bronzer (spray on only) $85 up to 25 minutes
Bronzer (with exfoliation) $160 up to 50 minutes

Las Vegas Spa - Bellagio Spa Vichy Showers

Las Vegas Spa - Vichy Showers

Available in ladies spa only

Sugar Scrub

Under the healing therapies of our Vichy shower, your skin is gently exfoliated with hydrating milk and sugar. This luxurious treatment removes dead skin cells and stimulates circulation, leaving your skin silky soft.

25-minute session $85 | 40-minute session $135

Milk and Honey Wrap with Mini Facial

This enticing milk and honey body wrap performed in a warm Vichy shower is hard to resist. Skin is exfoliated with warm milk and sugar then wrapped in a milk and honey mask. This treatment is paired with a hydrating mini facial, making it the perfect relaxing session.

50-minute session      $210

Mud Therapy Treatment with Mini Facial

This unique treatment has a draining and reducing effect, which greatly detoxifies the tissues and firms and reduces the appearance of cellulite. You will receive a mini hydrating facial while you are wrapped and Vichy showers cascade on your body for a warm and stimulating effect.

50-minute session      $210

Perfect Peace

This indulgent exfoliating treatment provides gentle stimulation and a metabolic boost to the entire body while also being deeply relaxing. Rare essential oils bestow tranquil mind and deep stress relief, while a rich cream blend ensures perfectly moisturized skin.

40-minute session      $135
Available in ladies spa only

Las Vegas Spa - Bellagio Spa Hydrotherapy Services

Las Vegas Spa - Hydrotherapy Services

Relax and restore your mind and body in a soothing therapeutic jet tub soak. Enhance the bath ritual with your choice of skin rejuvenating additives.

Seaweed – to effectively detoxify and eliminate excess water weight
Milk Bath – to soften and hydrate the skin with a bounty of nutrients and nut oils

20-minute sessions      $85 each
Available in ladies spa only

Las Vegas Spa - Bellagio Spa Body Care

Las Vegas Spa - Body Care

Body Polish

This lavish exfoliating body polish gently eliminates all traces of dull skin cells and impurities. After a refreshing shower, an application of softening body lotion is applied, leaving the body fully quenched and silky smooth.

25-minute session      Sun-Thu $85 | Fri & Sat $85

Body Peel

What was once reserved for your face is now available for the entire body. A stimulating and extremely effective alpha hydroxy acidbased scrub is used to exfoliate and rejuvenate the body leaving skin ultra smooth and soft. Finish with an intensive skin brightening and smoothing anti-aging body lotion to promote healthier skin with a lasting effect.

25-minute session      Sun-Thu $95 | Fri & Sat $95

Thermal Seaweed Body Wrap

This effective detoxifying treatment envelops the body in a rich seaweed foam mask to boost elimination of toxins and excess fluids. Ideal for those in need of a deep cleanse inside and out. A body exfoliation may be added to this treatment for superior results.

50-minute session       Sun-Thu $165 | Fri & Sat $175

The following enhancements may be added to the treatment:
Contouring Body Enhancement       Sun-Thu $50 | Fri & Sat 50
Body Polish      Sun-Thu $70 | Fri & Sat $70

Note: Avoid during pregnancy.

Element Recovery Body Treatment

Soothe and relieve the dry, depleted skin that the environment has left behind. Whether it's winter or summer, the elements wreak havoc on skin's natural defenses leaving it vulnerable to loss of elasticity and moisture. This treatment will rejuvenate you and restore your skin's moisture with powerful anti-oxidants and healing properties.

50-minute session      Sun-Thu $165 | Fri & Sat $175

Silhouette Contouring Cellulite Treatment

This thermogenic treatment effectively improves the appearance of cellulite and contrasts water retention reducing skin’s imperfections by stimulating microcirculation for a great redefinition of your silhouette.

50-minute session      Sun-Thu $165 | Fri & Sat $175

The following enhancement may ve added to any 50-minute body treatment:
Instant Refresher Facial Sun-Thu $70 | Fri & Sat $70

Services and prices are subject to change.


  • Hours of Operation:
    Open daily 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
  • Reservations:
    Spa Bellagio takes reservations three months in advance.
    We suggest you make your reservations as far in advance as possible due to limitations on select appointments.
  • Call 702.693.7472 for reservations.
  • Groups or Large Parties
    Contact our Spa and Salon Group Coordinator Sarah Perrings to discuss planning ideas and arrangements for groups of 10 or more guests.
  • Spa Use and Admission
    Spa services are available to guests age 18 and older. There are specific treatments offered in the Salon for those younger.

Facial Skin Guide

Oily/Problem Skin
Essential Balancing Facial, The Cosmeceutical, Men's Classic Facial, Essential Back Facial, Ultimate Hydrafacial

Bellisimo Viso, Ultima Bellezza, Bellagio Signature Facial, Stone Facial, Recover and Restore Facial, The Cosmeceutical, The Superceutical, Men's Age Defying Facial, Ultimate Hydrafacial, Stone Face and Body Treatment

Sensitive Skin
Bellagio Signature Facial, Recover and Restore Facial, Skin Sensitive Defense Facial

Dry Skin
Bellisimo Viso, Ultima Bellezza, Bellagio Signature Facial, Stone Facial, The Superceutical, Men's Age Defying Facial

Combination Skin
Bellisimo Viso, Ultima Bellezza, Essential Balancing Facial, The Cosmeceutical, Men's Classic Facial, Essential Back Facial

All Skin Types
Brilliance Revealed Facial, Instant Refresher Facial, Express Renewal Treatment, Special Request Facial, Harmonizing Skin Trio, Head-to-Toe Face and Body Treatments, Total Refresher

Your therapist will analyze your skin type and provide any additional recommendations to enhance your skin type.

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